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Welcome to the Japan Events in Boston calendar.

This calendar is a resource for Japan fans, featuring Japan-related events all across the Greater Boston and New England area. We work actively to feature all Japan-related events that could help you enjoy Japan in Boston. We hope you will enjoy many of these events and share with us events that we may have overlooked. We have additional calendars focused on just our JSB-organized events. For information about ongoing art and culture exhibits at many great local museums, check out our Open Exhibits page. 

For events not organized by JSB directly, please check with the organization producing it to confirm all times, dates and event details. The Japan Society of Boston is not responsible for any changes or inaccuracies in information about events we feature but do not produce ourselves. 

Year: 2017

1January, 2017
Jan 15 Boston Children's Museum Annual Oshogatsu New Year's Celebration
Jan 27 Fred Korematsu Day
Feb 06 Travel to Japan with JSB, Open House with Hiroko Todoroki
Feb 06 Japanese Rakugo Storytelling with English subtitles at Boston College
Feb 08 Japanese Rakugo Storytelling with English subtitles at Harvard University
Feb 14 Brown Bag / Peter Grilli: The Story of the "Paper Lanterns" Film
Feb 14 Why Do Voters Elect Celebrities? Evidence from Japan
Feb 18 Public Science Lecture by Dr. Takaaki Kajita
Feb 20 TOMODACHI Daiwa House Student Leadership Conference
Feb 21 Research and Reflections on Fukushima Today: Recovery Progress Since the Triple Disaster of 03.11.11
Feb 21 Is Japan Becoming a More Unequal Society? Long-Term Trends and Cross-National Comparisons
Feb 23 New Women for a New Age: Japanese Beauties, 1890s–1930s
Feb 23 Executive Orders - Past and Present
Feb 25 National Security & Civil Liberties – 1942 and 2017
Feb 25 Of Toy Pianos and Sake Making — A Concert of Works by Yoshihiro Kanno
Feb 28 Memories of the Sun Goddess “Himiko” — Merging Western Classical Music with Japanese Traditional Music and Drama
Mar 01 Belongings: From Hiroshima to Frida
Mar 03 Three Radical Japanese Filmmakers
Mar 04 3.11 Memorial Candle Event
Mar 07 Miyazakiworld: Popular Culture and the Uses of Enchantment
Mar 08 11th Annual Tsai Lecture / SHIGERU BAN: Works and Humanitarian Activities
Mar 10 TRAIN TRAIN Exhibit Opening
Mar 10 The Art of the Benshi, A Performance by Ichiro Kataoka
Mar 11 Phases: A Lunar Fantasy
Mar 12 Cranes on the Square
Mar 16 America and Japan: Historic Local Connections with the Wareham Historical Soceity
Mar 19 Kodo Taiko "DADAN 2017"
Mar 27 Stakeholder Capitalism in Turbulent Times
Mar 27 Kyogen Workshop with Katsumi Yanagimoto
Mar 27 FUKUSHIMA MON AMOUR with Ryo Morimoto
Mar 28 Dialogue in Architecture
Mar 30 Shank's Mare by Koryu Nishikawa V and Tom Lee
Mar 31 Anime Boston 2017
Apr 01 Hingham-Tennoji Baseball Game
Apr 02 Tamagawa Taiko
Apr 13 Luncheon with Swiss Consul Felix Moesner
Apr 13 Kabuki Dance Performance: A Tale of Obsessive Love. "The Maiden of Dojoji"
Apr 14 Explaining Asia
Apr 14 Paper Lanterns: special screening with director Barry Frechette and producer Peter Grilli
Apr 18 Associates’ Panel: A New Era of U.S.-Japan Energy and Security Cooperation
Apr 21 Associates' Panel: U.S. Alliances and East Asia’s Security Threats
Apr 21 Hachimiri Madness! Filmseries: "The Adventure of Denchu-Kozo" and "I am Sion Sono!"
Apr 22 Live Nation Presents - Asia On Tour feat. Miyavi
Apr 29 ISAC Hackathon
Apr 29 Celebrate Art in Bloom with Ikebana
Apr 30 Japan Festival Boston 2017
Apr 30 Potter's Talk with Yoshinori Hagiwara
May 01 Monkey Business: New Writing from Japan
May 02 Ikebana International: Demonstration by Grand Master Ingrid Luders
May 02 Fukushima Revitalization: TEPCO's Responsibility and Local Community Development
May 05 Hachimiri Madness! Filmseries: "Isolation of 1/880000" and "Tokyo Cabbageman K"
May 06 Hachimiri Madness! Filmseries: "Hanasareru Gang"
May 09 Brown Bag / Ray Matsumiya: Talking About Mid-East Peace in Japan: What I Learned in Hiroshima
May 13 The 6th Annual Brookline Cherry Blossom Festival
May 13 Japan Heritage Night at Gillette Stadium
May 14 Mother's Day Ikebana Demonstration
May 17 The Tohoku Cuisine of Japan with Elizabeth Andoh
May 18 Opening Event: Before They Were Heroes: Sus Ito’s WWII Images
May 19 Business Breakfast: Corporate Governance in Japan: Winds of Change?
May 19 Chorus Boston 20th Anniversary Concert
May 19 Hachimiri Madness! Filmseries: "Happiness Avenue"
May 20 Hachimiri Madness! Filmseries: "Saint Terrorism"
May 21 Hachimiri Madness! Filmseries: "The Rain Women" and "UNK"
May 22 Business Luncheon: U.S./Japan Business Relations in the Trump/Abe Era, With Glen Fukushima
May 26 Kumamoto Earthquake Benefit Concert
May 28 "The Gift of Memory" Project and Kumamoto Benefit Event
Jun 02 Mending Broken Souls: Japanese Kintsugi and the art of psychotherapy of trauma
Jun 03 Hamada: Three Generations Opening Reception
Jun 03 Shozo Michikawa Opening Reception with Artist
Jun 03 Bamboo and Cherry Blossoms at Arlington Porchfest
Jun 04 Shozo Michikawa: Conversation with the Artist
Jun 05 Shozo Michikawa Workshop and Lecutre
Jun 10 Howl's Moving Castle
Jun 11 Journey Through Color in Japan Reception
Jun 13 Brown Bag / Mikio Yoshimura: Japan and the Red Sox: A View from Inside
Jun 19 Author Talk: Janice P. Nimura, Daughters of the Samurai
Jun 25 Studio Ghibli Fest 2017 - My Neighbor Totoro
Jun 25 Tea Ceremony at The Art Complex
Jun 30 Showa Boston Kids Event
Jun 30 Showa Boston Chorus Concert
Jul 01 Aikido for Beginners
Jul 07 Tanabata Kamishibai
Jul 08 STAR FESTIVAL 2017 Opening Reception
Jul 09 Afternoon Concert by Kunitachi Boston
Jul 11 Brown Bag / Miwa Suzuki: Being Japanese, Working in America - Hear and Share Stories
Jul 11 Tanabata Evening
Jul 13 Team USA vs Team Japan Exhibition Baseball Game
Jul 13 Black Ships Festival 2017
Jul 13 Cosplay Workshop
Jul 14 Team USA vs Team Japan Exhibition Baseball Game
Jul 17 Team USA vs Team Japan Exhibition Baseball Game
Jul 23 Studio Ghibli Fest 2017 - Kiki's Delivery Service
Jul 27 Cosplay Workshop
Jul 27 Outdoor Summer Film Series: Ponyo
Jul 29 Japanese Culture Exhibit Opening Reception
Jul 30 Tea Ceremony at The Art Complex
Aug 06 Remembering Hiroshima and Nagasaki
Aug 06 Hiroshima-Nagasaki Peace Memorial
Aug 06 Remembering Hiroshima and Nagasaki
Aug 07 Showa Boston Summer Friendship Program
Aug 08 Brown Bag / Keiko Thayer
Aug 10 Cosplay Workshop
Aug 13 Memorial Open House in honor of Dr. Shigeaki Hinohara
Aug 13 Bon Dance Festival
Aug 24 Showa Boston Annual O-bon Event
Aug 24 Cosplay Workshop
Aug 27 Studio Ghibli Fest 2017 - Castle in the Sky
Aug 28 Studio Ghibli Fest 2017 - Castle in the Sky
Aug 28 Japanese Language Soirée
Aug 30 Studio Ghibli Fest 2017 - Castle in the Sky
Aug 30 Drew Krasner Collective & Tomoko Ozawa Quartet
Sep 01 Showa Boston Kids Event
Sep 07 Paper Lanterns: Special Screening with Director Barry Frechette and Producer Peter Grilli
Sep 08 MVIFF 2017: After the Storm
Sep 08 Paper Lanterns: Special Screening with Director Barry Frechette and Producer Peter Grilli
Sep 09 Reimagining Longevity Ideathon – Collaborating to Reinvent Aging in Japan, US and the World
Sep 09 MVIFF 2017: The Departure
Sep 12 Brown Bag / Satoko "Lisa" Watanabe
Sep 19 Author Talk: Debbi Michiko Florence
Sep 22 The Art and Practice of Japanese Lacquer
Sep 23 Napping Princess
Sep 24 Afternoon Concert 26
Sep 24 Tea Ceremony at The Art Complex
Sep 30 Napping Princess
Sep 30 Kodo 香道 ーIncense Appreciation 1:00pm Seating
Sep 30 Kodo 香道 ーIncense Appreciation 3:00pm Seating
Oct 07 Manjiro Festival
Oct 10 Brown Bag / Motoko Day
Oct 10 Japanese Language Soirée
Oct 11 Ikebana Demonstration with Professor Kumi Hiramatsu
Oct 11 Exhibition Opening: Enlightened Encounters: The Two Nations of Manjiro Nakahama
Oct 12 Haiku as World Literature
Oct 13 MFA Late Nites: Takashi Murakami
Oct 19 Boston Asian American Film Festival
Nov 07 Japan’s Trade Strategy in an Age of Rising Protectionism

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