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The Japan Society of Boston hosts a variety of events to help connect Japan and Boston. JSB Members can get discounts, or even free admission, to these events!

Upcoming events

    • 08 Sep 2018
    • 12:30 PM - 3:00 PM
    • CIC Cambridge at 1 Broadway, Charles Room, 14th Floor, Cambridge, MA 02142
    • 11


    Saturday, September 8, 2018 from 12:30-3:00 PM

    CIC Cambridge
    1 Broadway, Charles Room, 14th Floor
    Cambridge, MA 02142

    The exhibit, “Objects of Use and Beauty: Design and Craft in Japanese Culinary Tools,” introduces the visitor to a variety of utensils used everyday in both home and professional kitchens. We are pleased to offer a very unique chopstick-making workshop with Mrs. Kayoko Takashima, a skilled chopstick craftsperson from Niigata, Japan. Mr. Mamoru Kaihou of Hashitou Honten, a famous chopstick shop in Tokyo, will accompany her and give a short talk on the history and use of chopsticks.

    Hashitou’s mission is to reacquaint people with the natural environment. Seventy percent of the Japanese archipelago is forest. For thousands of years, Japanese people have lived in harmony with the forest. Now, however, the natural environment in Japan has become severely devastated. People live separated from the forest and from nature. Re-usable chopsticks are objects of beauty, and honor the significance of our natural environment.

    At this workshop, you will create a pair of handmade wooden chopsticks usable for many years. In this activity you will learn the characteristics of the wood and a piece of a tree will become chopsticks best fitted to your hand and use. You can feel the forest.

    Each participant will:
    • Plane and shave their own pair of chopsticks
    • Sand and smooth with natural scouring rush
    • Finish with oak leaves and walnut oil from the nut

    All materials will be provided, as will refreshments.

    • 12 Sep 2018
    • 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
    • Havana Room at Cambridge Innovation Center, One Broadway, 5th Floor, Cambridge MA 02142
    • 20

    Japan/Boston Business Forum Presents

    Building the Bridge Between Japan and Boston

    Hirotaka Takeuchi

    Professor of Management Practice in the Strategy Unit at Harvard Business School

      Series supported by the Corporate Friendship Committee of the Japan Society of Boston

    Light Lunch and Business Insight 
    Wednesday, September 12, 2018 
    12:00 PM - 1:30 PM

    Japan Society of Boston
    Cambridge Innovation Center, 5th Floor "Havana"
    One Broadway, Cambridge MA 02142 
    *Please check-in with photo id at the reception desk 

    Event Agenda 

    12:00pm Lunch and networking 

    12:25pm Presentation / Moderated Discussion 

    1:30pm END (mingling afterward)

    "When I was six years old, my mission in life, I was told, was to become the bridge between the United States and Japan."

    Event Summary:

    Hirotaka Takeuchi, Harvard Business School professor and Japan Society board member, will talk about his recent engagements which include Fast Retailing (operator of UNIQLO), Mitsui, Honda, Suntory, as well as start-ups, NPOs and government agencies. He will be discussing how his work has helped strengthen the bridge between Japan and the U.S.

    More about Professor Takeuchi:

    Hirotaka Takeuchi is a Professor of Management Practice in the Strategy Unit at Harvard Business School, where he currently teaches courses in the MBA and Executive Education programs. Professor Takeuchi's research has focused on the knowledge creation process within organizations, the competitiveness of Japanese firms in global industries, and the link between strategy and innovation. He is the author or editor of 16 books, including The Knowledge-Creating Company: How Japanese Companies Create the Dynamics of Innovation co-authored with Ikujiro Nonaka (which won the 1995 Best New Book of the Year Award in the business and management category from the Association of American Publishers), Can Japan Compete? co-authored with Michael Porter, and Extreme Toyota: Radical Contradictions That Drive Success at the World's Best Manufacturer co-authored with Hitotsubashi professors Emi Osono and Norihiko Shimizu (which won the Best 30 Business Books by Soundview Executive Book Summaries in 2008). His recent Harvard Business Review articles are The Wise Leader (May 2011) and Embracing Agile (May 2016).
    Bio from Harvard Business School

    Please note that the we often take pictures at events for our records and sometimes for use in public media such as Facebook and blog posts. Registering for an event generally signifies acknowledgment that your likeness may be used in these ways. If you are not comfortable with this, please let us know and we can accommodate you.

    • 25 Jun 2019
    • 01 Jul 2019

    manjiro trip to Hyogo with the Japan society of boston

    June 25 to July 1, 2019

    Next Summer, the Japan Society Boston will be traveling to Hyogo Prefecture! We are leading a group from Boston to participate in the storied Manjiro/Whitfield Exchange. The group will travel to historic castles and local hot-spots, as well as spend three nights living with a Japanese host family.

    We will update this event when registration opens up. Please contact us for questions.

Past events

14 Aug 2018 Japanese/English Language Exchange
14 Aug 2018 Brown Bag / Tadoku and Japanese Language Learning
10 Jul 2018 Japanese/English Language Exchange
10 Jul 2018 Brown Bag / Loving Japan in High School
06 Jul 2018 Tanabata Evening
28 Jun 2018 Japan Society of Boston Book Club
12 Jun 2018 Japanese/English Language Exchange
12 Jun 2018 Brown Bag / Anime: A Gateway to Japan
07 Jun 2018 Japan Life Sciences Innovation Night
30 May 2018 Paper Lanterns Screening with Shigeaki Mori
30 May 2018 Book Talk: Welcoming the West
29 May 2018 Yosakoi at JSB
15 May 2018 Japan/Boston Business Forum: Lunch With Ken Hokugo, Pension Fund Association of Japan
08 May 2018 Japanese/English Language Exchange
08 May 2018 Brown Bag / Japanese Women’s Leadership Initiative
17 Apr 2018 2018 Annual Gala Dinner
10 Apr 2018 Japanese Language Soirée
10 Apr 2018 Brown Bag / Japan Festival Boston
07 Apr 2018 TAMAGAWA TAIKO & DANCE 2018
20 Mar 2018 Brown Bag / The Japanese Tea Ceremony
13 Feb 2018 Japanese Language Soirée
13 Feb 2018 Brown Bag / Yoko Takemura
01 Feb 2018 Japan/Boston Business Forum: Lunch With Wendy Cutler, Asia Society Policy Institute
30 Jan 2018 Volunteer Night at the Japan Society of Boston
09 Jan 2018 Japanese Language Soirée
09 Jan 2018 Brown Bag / Kanoko Kamata
12 Dec 2017 Japanese Language Soirée New Years Celebration
12 Dec 2017 Brown Bag / Yasuhiro Yamauchi
07 Dec 2017 Guided Tour of the MFA
06 Dec 2017 Japan/Boston Business Forum: Lunch With Masahiro Mori, Head of GPIF America
28 Nov 2017 Up-Close with Imperial Robes: Experience the Juunihitoe Kimono in Boston
14 Nov 2017 Japanese Language Soirée
14 Nov 2017 Brown Bag / Gerry Rooney
07 Nov 2017 Japan’s Trade Strategy in an Age of Rising Protectionism
03 Nov 2017 Is Japan's Energy Policy Aligned with a 2C Future?
10 Oct 2017 Japanese Language Soirée
10 Oct 2017 Brown Bag / Motoko Day
06 Oct 2017 Business Insight and Networking with Kosuke Motani
30 Sep 2017 Kodo 香道 ーIncense Appreciation 3:00pm Seating
30 Sep 2017 Kodo 香道 ーIncense Appreciation 1:00pm Seating
23 Sep 2017 Teaching Japan in the Classroom: Haiku and More
12 Sep 2017 Brown Bag / Satoko "Lisa" Watanabe
08 Sep 2017 Paper Lanterns: Special Screening with Director Barry Frechette and Producer Peter Grilli
07 Sep 2017 Paper Lanterns: Special Screening with Director Barry Frechette and Producer Peter Grilli
28 Aug 2017 Japanese Language Soirée
08 Aug 2017 Brown Bag / Keiko Thayer
11 Jul 2017 Brown Bag / Miwa Suzuki: Being Japanese, Working in America - Hear and Share Stories
26 Jun 2017 Manjiro Trip to Nara with JSB
13 Jun 2017 Brown Bag / Mikio Yoshimura: Japan and the Red Sox: A View from Inside
22 May 2017 Business Luncheon: U.S./Japan Business Relations in the Trump/Abe Era, With Glen Fukushima
19 May 2017 Business Breakfast: Corporate Governance in Japan: Winds of Change?
09 May 2017 Brown Bag / Ray Matsumiya: Talking About Mid-East Peace in Japan: What I Learned in Hiroshima
29 Apr 2017 ISAC Hackathon
11 Apr 2017 Brown Bag / Roy Rondoe: Save a Life, Send a Robot
02 Apr 2017 Tamagawa Taiko
21 Feb 2017 Research and Reflections on Fukushima Today: Recovery Progress Since the Triple Disaster of 03.11.11
14 Feb 2017 Brown Bag / Peter Grilli: The Story of the "Paper Lanterns" Film
28 Oct 2016 Paper Lanterns, followed by Q&A with director Barry Frechette
19 Oct 2016 Paper Lanterns with director Barry Frechette
18 Oct 2016 2016 Annual Dinner
19 Sep 2016 Japanese Language Classes - Fall Semester
09 Apr 2016 Tamagawa Taiko and Dance
03 Apr 2016 The Fukushima Youth Sinfonietta
25 Feb 2016 Paper Lanterns - A New Film by Barry Frechette
04 Feb 2016 The Soul of Anime, and How Japanese Manga and Music Defy Zombie Capitalism
25 Oct 2015 Nobuyuki Tsujii Concert in Boston with Longwood Symphony
14 Sep 2015 Japanese Language Classes - Fall Semester
24 Jul 2015 JSB Members Event : The Reischauer Memorial House Visit
29 Jun 2015 Meet Masanori Murakami -Japan’s First Major Leaguer, and Book Signing
26 May 2015 2015 Annual Dinner
05 Apr 2015 Tamagawa Daigaku, TAIKO & DANCE Group
16 Feb 2015 Japanese Language Classes - Spring Semester
16 Jan 2015 Lunch Talk by Yukio Okamoto, “Prospects for Japan and its Economic Competitiveness” - JSB Members Free Event!
08 Nov 2014 Kodo 香道 ーIncense Appreciation
30 Oct 2014 Save the Date! ボストン着物ショー!
30 Oct 2014 The Japanese Kimono-Now and Then : Registration is closed
01 Oct 2014 Learning to Lead: Lessons from Japan
07 Aug 2014 Movie Night at Showa Boston!
06 Aug 2014 Lunch and Behind the Scenes Tour of the State House!
31 Jul 2014 Swimming at Showa Boston!
24 Jul 2014 Tanabata at Showa Boston!
26 Jun 2014 Sadao Watanabe in Concert! JSB Members Enter to win a pair of tickets
26 Jun 2014 Sadao Watanabe in Concert! $5 discount for JSB Members
29 May 2014 Win a copy of "Dream Window", "The Inland Sea"
27 May 2014 Win Yukata from Kyoto!! Giveaway for this week!!!
14 May 2014 Member Appreciation Month - Win Sake and Gifts from Gionbayashi Musicians from Kyoto!
08 May 2014 2014 Annual Dinner
15 Apr 2014 Writing Between Languages and Cultures with Yoko Tawada
11 Feb 2014 2014 John E. Thayer, III Award - Nominations now being accepted
05 Feb 2014 POSTPONED DUE TO WEATHER - Address by the Japanese Ambassador to the U.S. The Honorable Kenichiro Sasae
29 Jan 2014 Japan Business Forum: JAPAN UPDATE
09 Oct 2013 "Can Abenomics Save Japan?" Japan Business Forum with
10 Sep 2013 Locally Brewed Sake Tasting - Member Networking Event
06 Jun 2013 2013 Annual Dinner
19 May 2013 Japan Festival 2013
17 May 2013 Sake Tasting - SOLD OUT
16 May 2013 Win a Pair of Red Sox Tickets
02 May 2013 Win a Business Class Ticket to Japan on the direct JAL Flight
11 Mar 2013 Japanese Disaster Relief Fund Boston Final Report on Tohoku and Screening of "Live Your Dream: The Taylor Anderson Story"
10 Mar 2013 Rad Smith Program on Japanese Art presents: Ikenobo Ikebana - 550th Year Celebration
26 Feb 2013 2012 John E. Thayer, III Award - Nominations now being accepted
31 Jan 2013 Japan Business Forum with Izumi Kobayashi
13 Jan 2013 Japan Society & Boston Children's Museum Annual Oshogatsu New Year's Celebration
06 Dec 2012 Japan Business Forum with Dr. Hiroyuki Fujita
05 Nov 2012 Welcome Reception for Consul General Akira Muto
13 Mar 2011 Rad Smith Program on Japanese Art - "A Day About Japanese Tea"

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